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Dimitri Ivanov spent his entire life with his shoulders hunched and head held low. It was necessary for a man as big as him, to set others at ease in his presence. After losing the only family he had left, Dimitri found his way to California. With no purpose and very little hope that anything would ever change, Dimitri buried himself in his work.

One long relationship after another, took its toll on Billie’s heart. He lost his job, amicably broke up with his boyfriend Trey, and moved back home with his parents. It wasn’t Billie’s fault he was interested in older men who got sick of dealing with his energy, or that he couldn’t rewire his brain to be up at the crack of dawn for office work hours. With his degree wasted, Billie got a job at the only place hiring within walking distance to his family home, the local flower shop and nursery.

Both men had given up, on love, on happiness, or ever finding where they fit. That was all to change.


To Billie, Love Dimitri.
“I love you. That’s all I know. I don’t want to go a day without waking up beside you, seeing your smile, for the rest of my life.”

~ Daffodils for Dimitri: A Flower Shop novella


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07/02/2022: Vanilla Cupcakes & Twisted Rainbows: A Cupcake Shop novella

I am Gabriel the MCCXXIII. 

That’s right, twelve-hundred and twenty-third in line since the first Gabriel. He was way back, at the start of time. No, the version humans knew and wrote about was Gabriel DCCXII, Sir Seven-hundred-twelve. Angelic to his pinky toe, my ancient ancestor was bold and brave, an archangel of great wisdom which spoke into dreams the divine word of our Lord, even spoke with Mary herself. To say I was his descendent wasn’t the way it worked in the heavens. 

I was him; he was me, we’d reincarnated twelve-hundred and twenty-three times. Each one of those lifetimes had taken thousands of years each. Not that time passed in Heaven the same as it did on Earth. Thank you, my God, for that!

As it was, I was nothing special. My best friend Michael, yes, the Michael, believed differently, for I was born with the Angelic Number, destined to be the one to bring romance, love, profound emotions, and unwavering optimism to all.

Young and handsome, if I did say so myself, I’d grown bored waiting for my grand love magic to activate. So far, I found that I was good at one thing only: I made the best vanilla cupcakes.

M/M Paranormal Romance

18+ Situations

Publisher: Crazy Ink Publishing

Cupcake Shop Series

Release Date: 07/02/2022

Preorder Available: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09WPZBYD1

12/9/2022: Cabernet & Desires of the Dead: A Liquor Shop Series Novella

I always loved my twin sister Ajla, and our bond was as natural as breathing. Matka said when all else fell away, we would always have each other. I believed that too, because when our parents died in a random terrorist bombing, Ajla and I, well, we were all each other, had left.

Checo Kovka’s the name, and despite our troubled past, Ajla and I had the same dream, and we weren’t stopping until we made it big. With our kind of dedication, it was only a matter of time before we’d find ourselves dancing upon the stage of the Pinnacle Opera, the most prestigious Opera house in the world.

It was entering the holiday season when we finally thought we caught our break, the same time that things went awry. The dream we once had started to crumble, and as strange occurrences surmounted, to my horror, Ajla’s sanity became suspect too. If it weren’t for a secret admirer, who communicated by parchment and quill soaked with Cabernet, I’d have already given up.

I needed to figure out what was happening to us, and quickly, or for the second time in my life, I feared death was coming to claim us. Only this time, he might have a name, one spoken only in the deepest hours of the night, when the sun no longer protected the living, and the undead began to rise.

M/M Paranormal Romance

18+ Situations

Publisher: Crazy Ink Publishing

Liquor Shop Series

Release Date: 12/09/2022

Jesse Bond

I started writing in 2020, with paranormal romance and my stories have morphed from there. I enjoy a steamy story with interesting plots, which I hope to share with you. I write a bit of everything. Before turning author, I worked for bars and restaurants, then moved into banking, and finally small government. I still work full-time but spend all of my extra time with my husband, kids, and thinking up my next new story.